NYtor BV is now a full daughter company of the HatchTech Group

As of April 1st 2024, NYtor is proud to be a member of the HatchTech Group (HTG, de Klomp, Netherlands). The acquisition cements the ongoing collaboration on chick-embryo gender sorting. Moreover, we feel our molecular expertise will further bloom under the entrepreneurial spirit of HTG, especially in the agrifood field. NYtor will continue to operate under its own name at its current facility.

The acquisition moment was captured at HTG HQ.

From left to right:
HatchTech Group: Tjitze Meter (Founder & CEO), Rogier Schutte (CFO) and Ellen Poodt (Operational Director)
NYtor: Jacqueline Vet (Founder & Business Advisor) and Han Zendman (CEO)

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