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NYtor designs and develops smart molecular detection assays for a broad range of applications, in collaboration with different partners. Our strength lies in the development of qPCR and point-of-care assays with the main focus on early cancer screening and the detection of pathogens and antibiotic resistance.


Early cancer detection in urine

In collaboration with academic and industrial partners, Qurin develops an ultrasensitive biochip for mass scale, low-cost, noninvasive cancer screening in urine. The biomarker-based mass screening device detects disease at an early stage thereby significantly increasing the survival rate. The nanotech-based techniques behind this approach are broadly applicable, creating opportunities not only for other biomedical fields but biological agri-food markets as well. The aim: Realizing highly accurate molecular diagnostics with the same quality of labor intensive lab technologies at reduced costs.


Rapid virus testing at the “point of care”

The SARS-COV-2 pandemic showed a high demand for rapid tests with lab quality output to be used at the point of care, e.g. at home. NYtor is a proud member of a five-partner consortium that joined forces in the VIRAPOC project, receiving a subsidy of over 1.1 million euros from the EU and the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. The combined knowledge of nanotech, life sciences, semiconductors and photonics, is merged to realize a lab-on-a-chip viral detection platform. Within the VIRAPOC project, Salvitat started and funded the first development of the diagnostic solution in June 2020. It is based on the reusable MYKEE reader, connected through a smart app to a cloud based data management system.

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Taking Molecular Diagnostics to the Field

What if molecular diagnostics becomes time and location-sensitive, and your results from the field need to be actionable ASAP? The answer to this: bring the lab to the field by using a portable thermal cycler. Recently, NYtor developed an ESBL screening assay to check onsite for the presence of CTX-M, SHV and TEM variants causing antibiotic resistance. This assay was validated on a mobile and field-ready thermocycler (Franklin™, Biomeme), that allows simultaneous testing of up to 9 samples or 27 targets. Data can be synced with a web portal, remotely accessible for real-time monitoring of test results and further analysis.

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