NYtor - partner in smart molecular diagnostic assay development
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The story of NYtor, from New York to Nijmegen

NYtor was founded in 2007 by Jacqueline Vet. It was, however, already her postdoctoral position at PHRI (1996-1998, New York), which laid the company’s foundation, as she became co-inventor and co-patent holder of the molecular beacon technology.

Starting years

During the starting years, molecular assay development was combined with additional business activities, e.g. providing courses and workshops. Driven by a fast increasing number of customer requests, the company then became fully dedicated to assay development. The resulting steady growth has meanwhile paved the way for several new business developments - innovative and challenging.


From campus to church

Initially, the Nijmegen-based company was located at the Radboud campus (Mercator Technology & Science Park). However, to enable further growth, NYtor moved in January 2014 to its current location, a prominent place directly behind the historic St. Stephanus church at the Berg en Dalseweg in Nijmegen.